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April 22, 2011
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Twilightveil 2nd Version by SniperGirl0907 Twilightveil 2nd Version by SniperGirl0907
This is one of a few OC's that's been in storage since my grandad's funeral & that I finally got around to finishing (boy I was on a real OC binge back then; I guess grief really does make you do some odd things huh? O.o) After some constructive critisism I redid Twilightveils into a more 'down to Cybertron' kinda way; other than a giant multicoloured intersteller jellyfish, I could see her transforming into a bird of some kind, plus, since she's Obsidian (another of my OC's) twin sister so it figures that she should have a simerlar colour scheme to his (duh! >.<). So after a bit of tweeking, this was the final piece; a remastered techno-organic Twilightveil! :)



Gender: femme

Fraction: The 9 (Autobot paramilitary battalion)

Function: recognisance/ spy

Alt mode: Night Phoenix X3S-Bioroid hybrid

Class: Techno-organic - XZO Bioroid-nanite systems

Primary weapons: telepathy, empathic sensitivity, telekinesis, rainbow illusion, solar beam, claws, beak, feather blades


A fair, graceful and elegant femme, Twilightveil’s systems are over 70% nanite based and as such she has an unusual and somewhat organic looking profile, the metal that covers her face, neck, upper breast plating and upper arms is comprised entirely of nanites, giving it an organic skin-like appearance, it may be unusual to most Cybertronians but she is considered quite beautiful by human standards. Being the eldest of Crystalwing’s daughters, Twilightveil is Obsidians twin sister and both sister and trainer to her little sisters Shadowstar, Shiningstar and Sparklestar. Taking after her mother in many ways, Twilightveil has a spark the size of a supernova, caring, loving, generous and respectful of all living things; she adores the company of her friends and loves her family on a deep and spark-felt level and like her mother she always likes to help those in need, likes to offer a shoulder to cry on and lend a friendly audio. Unlike her siblings Twilightveil possess the most powerful telepathic abilities, possibly even powerful enough to excel her mother’s abilities, her telepathy is so sensitive to the minds of other’s that it’s actually given her empathic abilities too, she can sense the ambient energy in all things everywhere around her and over vast distances, even being able to sense the aura/spark of those that are no longer among the living, in other words, she can see and communicate with ghosts.

Aside from when she’s in alt mode, Twilightveil detests fighting, but what she lacks in the way of hand to hand combat, she more than makes up for in her telepathy and telekinesis. She also possess the ability to manipulate light photons on a grand scale, being able to create detailed illusions and rainbows from thin air, she can even concentrate sunlight into intense heat energy waves that can cause massive damage to an enemy’s armour plating and scramble sensitive circuitry; she can even bend light photons around objects and other bots/people thus rendering them invisible. Although she doesn’t possess any guns, missiles, or bombs, Twilightveil’s telekinesis and manipulation of light photons make for adequate shielding and decoy ploys; plus the sensitivity of her telepathy is such that she can anticipate the movements of many opponents all at once, and thus deliver the appropriate counter-attack, as well as telepathically relay any vital information to her fellow Autobots, making her a particularly lethal opponent to any who dare to cross her or her friends.


Twilightveil’s alt mode is a night Phoenix X3S-Bioroid hybrid, a powerful genetically engineered bird-of-prey comprised from the DNA of several known species of raptors, peafowl and birds-of-paradise; although it was recommended to her that incorporating peafowl and bird-of-paradise DNA was not prudent for a fighting form, Twilightveil was enchanted by the various forms and colours of Earth’s native bird species, and as such she wanted her altmode to be as beautiful and radiant as possible, reflecting her adoration for their natural beauty. Her Altmode is over 15 feet long with the longest tail feathers measuring over 25 feet long, the wingspan is over 70 feet across; she can attain an altitude of just over 12.000 metres and she can reach speeds in excess of over 167 mph. Her more decorative feathers can fold buck, thus allowing for a more streamlined form when flying at high speeds and some of her tail and head-crest feathers can harden to form long sword-like blades with effective cutting power, and some are even detachable to make for handy weapons when needed. Her nanite based systems are over 55% Bioroid-nanites; specialist nanites that are 50% silicon based computer systems and 50% carbon based organic cells, this makes 40% of her total form organic, thus her energy intake is 20/80 organic food and energon so as to energize and nourish both the synthetic and organic systems. The advantage of organic based systems is that the risk of CPU damage from electro-shock attacks and EMP’s is drastically minimized because carbon based organic cell structures are not prone to being so sensitive to electrical interference as most silicon based systems are, but being a techno organic also makes her systems prone to infection and contamination by organic microbes and thus she can suffer from illness and disease like any other organic life-form; with the exception of contamination and extensive corrosion from cosmic rust being greatly reduced thanks to her organic systems providing an adequate immune system. The armour that covers most of her altmode’s torso is a trademark feature of most bots who possess Bioroid-nanite systems; unlike full techno-organics who’s altmode’s external armour are lined with fully organic tissues, Bioroid-nanite based armour can be both external and internal between mech/femme mode and altmode, thus enabling additional protection and shielding for the more vulnerable external organic components, as well as regenerate and re-grow damaged tissues.


Disclaimer: Twilightveil is mine, do not use without permission!
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Sidian07 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Such a lovely design has that bird!! *clap clap clap*
Enigmus-277 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Optimus would really be if they didn't get their earth-based vehicle or any thing that was earth based. But since I saw the season finally of season 2 of Transformers Prime I'd say it really wouldn't matter anymore. (Wow that was a mouth full)
Thundertigress Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Very Pretty.
Demonatron Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Wow...she's beautiful. One of the most unique OC's I've ever seen....
...and I am so jealous. ><
I love Demona and Paradox, but jiminy, this is on a whole new level.
SniperGirl0907 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011

Acctually, now that I think about it, Megatron may be Demona's dad & she hates his guts, but I wonder how she would feel about having Majestrix > [link] for an auntie? O_o THAT would be an interesting family get-together! XD
Demonatron Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
Sorry for such a late response! I'm getting worse...first with reviews and now with comments...
That WOULD be an interesting family get-together. I like Majestrix, she's a really well-thought out OC...I honestly think that, in the beginning, Demona would have despised her as much as she despised Optimus, but later on she would have come to admire her. She may even have become close to Majestrix's sparklings.
SniperGirl0907 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
You know, that gives me a wonderful idea for a fanfic! 8D I want to do some other fanfics with my OC's as soon as my currant fanfic Spark in the Shell is complete (some time next year hopefully); it would be very interesting to see how Demona reacts to her 'autie & cousins', as well as the rest of her family XD (Seriously, I think Rex would totally flip! XD)
kargaroc586 Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
I love the bird :heart:
Lycoris36 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Gorgeous colours and design <3
shekeira Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful design! She has such a sweet face.
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